Limited to Only 25 People At A Time Because the Program is HIGHLY CUSTOMIZED for Each Person! APPLY TO SEE IF ANY OPEN SPOTS
Do You Need to MAKE A PIVOT
in Your Business RIGHT NOW
If You Know You Do.. I Will PERSONALLY Work With You One-On-One In Your Business With Customized Strategies Specifically for You!

"Bart has the gift of clarity... he can listen and immediately PIVOT to help you go in whatever direction you want to go..."

~ Sarah Petty, Joy of Marketing
Photographer and online coach & mentor who teaches other photographers how to build a photography business lifestyle that they love and profit from!

 Has your business suffered due to social distancing protocols? Do you need to pivot from offline to online? Do you need to pivot from physical to digital? Do you need to pivot from consulting one-on-one to one to many?

 Do you now have a competitor who is eating your lunch?

 Have you lost your way on what your core business is really about... and can't see the profits that are hidden in plain sight in your business?

Why I Do Epic Elite With Bart Miller is

Your FastPass to Getting Real RESULTS.

"Before working with Bart I thought I was hitting all my goals and reaching all my potential, and crushing it..."

Eileen Wilder, One Day Cash Machine

Former Preacher who was "broke as a joke" cracked the code to her own High Ticket Sales... and is now teaching ordinary people with a message how to make High Ticket Sales every single day!

"Bart is able to breathe new life into your business ... "

Bryan Bowman, eComm Underground

Former Golf Pro and Math Geek now teaching eCommerce Business Owners how to grow and scale their eCommerce businesses using numbers and systems! 

"In a matter of 10 minutes he would diagnose what was going on in my business, he would help me get massive amounts of clarity, and I'd walk away with an action plan... I'd walk away recharged. "

Mark Stern, Rough Streak Digital

Former Corporate Fortune 500 Systems Guy now teaching entrepreneurs how to run the Ultimate Virtual Summit!

"Bart doesn't just dump information on you. He looks at your you insight on what you need right now ... then teaches you how to implement, and gives you the accountability to make sure you move the needle and actually make progress..."

Gabe Schillinger, Legion Beats

Introverted music mixer for rappers makes millions in his basement with digital beats (a digital ecomm product)! Now teaching others how he did it so they can do it, too! 

"Bart is going to give you a different way of looking at things... but he is also going to help you uplevel your way of being...If you want your results to go up and you're looking to go faster..."

Bryan Dulaney, Perfect Funnel Systems

Top 1% of all marketers and funnel experts in the world! Bryan helps entrepreneurs triple their businesses using his 
Perfect Funnel System.

"...Working with Bart has changed my life. He has looked at some of my products... and one turned into a bestseller for us. It's been a game changer... literally a life changer."

Todd Brown, Pedal Industries

Obsessed Semi-Pro Cyclist turned eCommerce business owner. Todd creates and sells his own products in the cycling world... and of course, keeps on racing while he is doing it! 

"Every time I am stuck he adds value. Every time I don't know which direction to go he gives me clarity. Every time I hit a wall he would ...speak life, speak the right words, and just give me a second wind... "

Tyson Durfey, No Limits Mentorship

Current World Champion Rodeo Athlete now teaching mindset, techniques, and ultimately how to be a world champion rodeo athlete online in his No Limits Mentorship Group!

"I have always looked at others for help, mentorship, guidance, and for coaching as I've tried to grow and expand...working with a different experience... Bart actually takes a look at my business every week and analyzes where we can be better and improve...  "

Jeff Later, L8R Lifestyle

Elite Fitness & Nutrition Coach helping thousands of people break through hundreds of diet myths and changing their lives by transformational results to not only looking great... but FEELING great and healthy!

I Do Epic Accountability & Strategy Business Coaching is Limited To Only 25 People At A Time Because it is HIGHLY PERSONALIZED & CUSTOMIZED FOR YOU... Apply to See If Any Open Spots


When it comes to business, Bart has done it all. He started working in the corporate world with international businesses only to discover he loves being a full-time entrepreneur and online business owner. In fact, Bart has been in the online business and digital marketing space for the past 15 years. He built several of his own, 7-figure online businesses from $0 with his wife, Sunny, and helps others do the same, year after year.

He gets "old school" selling and marketing and is able to combine it with digital to create strategies you never see coming that will explode your business into the level of success you choose.


The best and most unique thing about Bart's coaching is his personalized approach. He isn't going to give you general business guidelines to go and implement yourself, like the majority of "gurus" or "coaches" out there are doing. 

His goal is to give you ACCOUNTABILITY and get you RESULTSHe strategizes with you and holds you accountable weekly. You also have Voxer access to him throughout the week.

And the best part? He cares about you probably more than you do!


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